Terms of Use


At all times we try to maintain a high level of efficiency and service whilst keeping costs low and driving better value into the hobby market. Should you experience an issue with our service or products, please read the following information first, before contacting us.

1.         Order still showing “processing” can be due to many of the reasons. Please log into your account and Track your Order here you will see your order status and any backordered items.

2.         Purchase security: All products you ordered and have paid for are reserved for your order. Even if the stock level should fall below 0 before your order is posted it will not affect your order.

3.         Parcel not arrived: A late parcel could be the result of any number of reasons within the either countries postal system. BEFORE you contact us regarding a late parcel, please check with your local post office. In most cases parcels that do not arrive at your home are waiting for you at the post office for collection.

4.         Lost Parcels: We do not refund or replace parcels that did not arrive because they were not picked up in time or sent back to us and lost in transit or have the incorrect address.

5.        Wrong item received or missing parcel: If you have received a parcel that is incorrect or incomplete, you must do the following within 48hrs of receiving the parcel:
1)         DO NOT throw any of the packaging or product materials away. Keep the entire package 100% as you received it.
2)         Photograph the parcel and its contents. The photo must show products, parcel and packing materials clearly.

3)        Contact Support Centre with the following information;
Order ID:
Parcel Weight:
Problem with order:
Attach photos of the parcel and contents, as stipulated above.

Failure to follow the procedures above will result in a rejection of the claim.

Never accept a parcel that is crushed, damaged or has been left open, possibly allowing contents to fall out.

6.         Changes to orders after payment: If you would like to change the details on your order you need to act quickly. The safest way to change your address is by calling us. Due to the time lag in email responses, we do not accept liability for requests which are not received or read after the parcel has been dispatched. Simply sending us an email does not constitute an agreement nor does it mean we can act upon your request in time. We strongly urge you to phone us if you find that your address details are incorrect or need to be changed.

More Information
Hopefully that has clarified things for you and as was previously mentioned if there is something that you aren’t sure whether you. However if you are still looking for more information then you can contact us through our customer support centre at:: customercare@newsunracing.com